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Top 7 Visual Inspiration Resources for Creatives

If you are a content creator photographer or just a person who loves doing photos and social media is your hobby - this video will be useful for you. I will share a list of resources that will help you be inspired to create new content

If you are new to my blog - my name is Arina, I am a creative individual with a background in art direction, photography, and multimedia design, I am constantly seeking fresh sources of visual inspiration.


Instagram Inspiration

Instagram is still a platform with a focus on visual content. It is important that in your circle there are those people and creators who inspire you. I like that on Instagram people often reveal the behind the scenes of what they do, how they live, how they process photos, what inspires them.

To get more inspiration you can engage with their content, learn from their techniques, and engage in conversations to foster a creative community.

  • Curated Mood Boards

Another way to always find inspiration (that I use) is to explore Instagram accounts specifically dedicated to curating mood boards. These accounts gather captivating visuals from various artists, creators, influencers, and designers, providing a treasure trove of inspiration across different themes, moods, and aesthetics.


Pinterest Inspiration

This one is a classic for visual inspiration. Dive into the expansive world of Pinterest, a platform that gives diverse visual content. You can create curated boards, follow inspirational accounts, and discover new ideas through tonnes of visual pins with art, photography, design, and much more.

Pinterest is not such a social media as Instagram where there is some point of comparison. I love this aspect of it, that you always go there to get inspiration on a specific topic and almost always get what you need.

You can subscribe to my Pinterest and follow my inspiration boards -


Print Design Inspiration

You can look beyond traditional art and design magazines and explore lifestyle, interior, and fashion publications. I love magazines so much! They offer a variety of good, visual inspiration examples, featuring stunning layouts, photography, typography, and graphic design that can spark your creative vision.


Graphic Design Inspiration

When looking for a modern inspiration you can delve into Behance, a popular online platform where designers, photographers, and artists share their portfolios. Explore a vast range of projects, styles, and disciplines, and be inspired by the innovative techniques, visuals, and concepts showcased by talented creatives worldwide.

I also have a Behanc account where I have my portfolio in web and brand design, if you are interested, I will leave a link below.


Museums & Galleries Inspiration

Museums encompass a wide range of subjects, from art and history to science and technology. Expand your horizons by visiting various types of museums, even those that may not seem directly related to your creative field. Each museum offers unique perspectives, narratives, and visual experiences that can spark new ideas and connections.

Approach museum visits with a sense of curiosity and openness. Leave preconceived notions at the door and allow yourself to be captivated by the exhibits. Engage with the artwork or artifacts with a fresh perspective, allowing yourself to interpret and appreciate them in your unique way.

Carry a notebook or sketchbook with you during your museum visits. Jot down thoughts, observations, and ideas that come to mind. Sketch interesting shapes, compositions, or elements that catch your eye. These notes and sketches serve as valuable references and can be revisited later when you're seeking inspiration or developing your creative projects.

Here are four tips that will help you to deal with time self-doubt problems as a creative:

  • Embrace curiosity: Approach each exhibit with an open mind, asking questions and seeking to understand the artistic techniques, historical context, or cultural significance behind the artwork or artifacts.

  • Take notes or sketch: Carry a small notebook or sketchbook to capture your thoughts, ideas, and visual inspirations. Jotting down observations or sketching can help you remember details and spark creativity later on.

  • Study the technique: Pay attention to the artistic techniques used in the exhibits. Observe brushstrokes, textures, color palettes, or sculpting methods. Analyzing these details can provide valuable insights and inspire your creative process.

  • Reflect and discuss: Take breaks during your visit to reflect on the artwork or artifacts. Engage in thoughtful discussions with fellow visitors or museum staff to gain different perspectives and exchange ideas.


Movies Inspiration

Watch films with a keen eye for visual storytelling and production design. Analyze the cinematography, art direction, and set design to understand how visuals enhance narratives and evoke emotions.

Cinematography has a large place in our lives. We look when the autumn melancholy floods, as well as at the height of the holidays when the soul is filled with joy and warmth.

It can cheer up, calm the soul, become a life-affirming attitude and motivator, and help to survive sad periods. However, not everyone knows that films are used as psychotherapy.

I recently learned about such a thing as film therapy, when films are used as psychotherapy. Film therapy is a branch of art therapy that has emerged relatively recently. This industry appeared when psychologists began to notice that the views on one film are radically different among group members and in one film each participant finds something unique for himself.

I think it's very interesting and a good movie is a always huge resource for inspiration.


Anime Inspiration

My last idea where to find visual inspiration is to delve into the captivating world of anime, known for its distinct visual styles and imaginative storytelling. Observe the dynamic compositions, unique character designs, and vibrant color palettes found in various anime series and films.

As a creative professional, it's crucial to broaden your horizons and explore unexpected resources to fuel your visual inspiration. So, embrace the journey, immerse yourself in these resources, and let them inspire you to create extraordinary visual experiences.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next blog post!
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See you next time,