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Top 10 Instagram Visual Trends (That Will Inspire You!)


Hey! Welcome back to the Voy Design. Here I share trendy ideas for branding, web design, or social media visuals suitable for everyone who sells something or provides a service. In this video, I will share inspiration, ideas, and a list of visual trends that I have seen on Instagram lately.


Storyboard Collage

The first Instagram trend I want to highlight today is collages. Here are just a few types of collages for Instagram. A storyboard is created as a sequence of images that visually represent the mood and inspiration.

Collage as a Pinterest Board

Another collage idea I have seen recently on brand accounts is a Pinterest board, which looks like a screenshot from your Pinterest board. To create such a collage, you can use a ready-made template from the CapCut app to make a video reel, or for a still image, you can just capture an actual screen from Pinterest or use a template on Canva.

Different Scales Collage

Another collage idea that you can do is a story. You can create it in a couple of minutes. It is the simplest collage option. Take some photos and make two copies of each, one in full size and the second cropped so that only detail is visible: part of the face, a piece of furniture, clothing, etc. You can use this technique to show different frames from one photoshoot, selecting photos of various scales and angles.

Horizontal Video Collages

Another trend that I recently tried on my account is using three horizontal videos like "cinema" frames. Combine three horizontal videos to convey the mood of your account and the atmosphere in which you live. For brand accounts, you can share some brand shoots or behind-the-scenes footage.

Sensuality & Close-Ups

This trend involves using warm tones, soft lighting, and focusing on intimate moments in your visuals. Think of close-up shots of skin, soft textures, and subtle hints of sensuality in the composition. This is especially great for wellness or skincare niches.

Nature Aesthetic

Another trend is the nature aesthetic. Brands and influencers are incorporating natural elements such as plants into product shoots, using beautiful landscapes as backgrounds, and integrating organic textures into visuals. Embrace earthy tones and showcase the beauty of nature in your photos or graphics.


Another trend that is great for any niche is infographics. You can create visually appealing infographics to share information, statistics, or tips with your audience. Brands are using icons, charts, and diagrams to present data in an engaging and easy-to-understand format.

Text on Photos

This trend can be executed in various ways. For example, overlay handwritten text onto your visuals to convey information or messages to your audience and make it more authentic. You can choose and use serif, sans serif, script, bold, thin, or thin typography, depending on your style and aesthetic.

Film Effect

Another trend is the timeless effect of film photography. You can achieve it by using vintage cameras or applying film-inspired filters to your digital photos. Many brands are embracing grainy textures in their visual branding, as well as muted colors and candid moments to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Retro Style

The fashion for retro style always comes back. Elements such as faded color palettes, halftone frames, vintage clothing, unique serif and original typography, imitations of paper, cardboard, and book pages are characteristic of this style.

Vintage Magazine Style

A lot of brands and influencers are taking inspiration from retro magazines by using bold colors, playful typography, and collage-style layouts in their visuals. You can always experiment with vintage-inspired graphics and design elements to create a unique aesthetic.

Low Exposure

Underexposure is making a comeback. This editing style fits perfectly into the visual concept of fashion stylists' accounts or blogs about luxury living. However, context is important in these underexposed images.

Unperfect Blurred Photos

Another visual trend for Instagram is blurry photos. This content looks authentic and stands out from ordinary photos. If you can't achieve blurry shots with a camera, you can create them from regular photos using special effects in apps.


By incorporating these trends into your Instagram visuals, you can create a dynamic, interesting, aesthetic, and visually appealing feed that resonates with your audience and keeps them coming back for more. Experiment with different combinations of these trends to find a style that best represents your brand and personal aesthetic.

Always stay inspired!

See you in the next video.