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8 Simple Steps to Achieve an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Hi guys,

Welcome back to The Voy Design blog. I have been blogging for many years and I am constantly creating visuals both for myself and for other brands. So I decided to share with you some tips for creating an aesthetic Instagram feed.

Why do you need to have a beautiful Instagram feed?

You don't need it! But, a beautiful and meaningful feed can help you to share your vision with the right audience, create a community and increase credibility. An aesthetic Instagram feed also helps brands and businesses to sell their products by creating an emotional connection with potential customers and by translating the right values.


One of the most important points in social media and especially on Instagram is to remember what your account is about, what meanings you carry, and what information you want to convey to existing and potential audiences.

Answer these questions ahead of time and ask friends or independents what your page first comes to mind and what they can say about it. Then compare whether what she said matches the meanings you want to convey.



The aim is to elicit emotions and create a mood through your content. People desire to feel a connection, understanding, and resonance when they engage with your creations. This connection not only fosters a sense of relatability but also increases the likelihood of them engaging further by following you.

Establishing a consistent vibe for your content serves multiple purposes. It helps maintain visual cohesiveness and offers potential followers a glimpse into your persona and future content direction.

Here are several adjectives that capture the desired vibe for your content:

  1. Serene: Creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere
  2. Approachable: Inviting and easy to engage with
  3. Bright: Radiating positivity and energy
  4. Streamlined: Emphasizing simplicity and minimalism
  5. Affable: Conveying friendliness and warmth
  6. Expressive: Demonstrating creativity and artistic flair
  7. Welcoming: Fostering a sense of inclusivity and kindness


Consider the color palette of your feed as it holds significance in conveying meaning and associations. The choice of colors can either accentuate your brand's values or evoke unintended and inappropriate associations. Additionally, selecting the right colors can help attract your target audience and customers effectively.

Be mindful of the colors present in your photos. The colors you opt for play a crucial role in defining your brand, aesthetic, and style. Understanding which colors align with your identity and style in advance ensures consistency in your overall visual appeal.

Opt for foundational shades such as white, gray, and black for your profile, and strike a balance between accent and primary colors. Contrasting and vibrant colors tend to stand out, grab attention, and leave a lasting impression. However, using them appropriately is crucial to avoid overwhelming your feed.

There are several harmonious color combinations to consider, such as consistent, monochrome, triangular, and tint complementary. By skillfully combining colors, you can achieve a harmonious and cohesive feed aesthetic.

Aesthetic appeal is primarily driven by harmony. Achieving a harmonious feed involves maintaining a consistent style. While in the past, a uniform style was often associated with applying presets and filters to photos, the current trend calls for diversity while still maintaining a cohesive visual narrative. The aim of a harmonious profile is not to merge all images into one large photo but rather to create a connected chain that tells a story of unfolding events.

To enhance the aesthetic of your feed, it is important to incorporate a sense of openness and spaciousness throughout your pictures. This can be achieved through various methods:

Including photos with minimal backgrounds: Opt for images where the background is uncluttered and free from distracting elements. This allows the main subject to stand out and creates a sense of simplicity and airiness.

Incorporating templates, graphics, and designs with information: Integrate visually appealing templates, graphics, or designs that convey information or messages within your feed. These elements can add visual interest while maintaining a cohesive style.

Utilizing low-contrast photos: Experiment with photos that have softer contrasts, creating a gentle and serene atmosphere. Minimize the presence of intense highlights and shadows, allowing for a more subdued and soothing visual experience.

Including filler photos: Filler photos serve as transitional or complementary images within your feed, contributing to the overall aesthetic while providing breathing space between more prominent visuals. These photos can be simple, abstract, or visually pleasing snapshots that help maintain the flow and balance of your feed.

By incorporating these techniques, you can infuse your feed with a sense of airiness, openness, and visual cohesion, ultimately enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Exceptional uniqueness is not easy to achieve. Therefore, I am not saying that you need to invent something that simply does not exist and has never existed. But, you need to identify blog topics and broadcast them visually. Uniqueness can be not only in the idea but also in the visual.

Graphics and templates are the perfect solutions for adding more content variety to your feed. Also, due to the text in the templates, you can easily show your services and expertise to the target audience.
The versatility of photos makes it easy to create harmony in the feed.
When you are going to upload a photo, look at the last one and try not to repeat the plan.

For example, the last photo is a selfie, which means that the next photo can be taken in a general plan - architecture, landscape.

To see how the profile will look, there are scheduler applications.
Concept Office, Unum, Snug, Feed Preview, and more.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post with my tips and advice on how to create a beautiful and meaningful Instagram feed.

See you next time,